paul-cavel-of-londonLooking for strategies to relax, let go, heal from injury, or enjoy a better quality of life?
For 20 years Paul Cavel has taught energy arts like tai chi and meditation to share ancient wisdom that has helped millions of people become freer, healthier and more vibrant individuals. His Water method teachings originate from a pure Taoist lineage, as described by Lao Tzu in the Tao Te Ching. Read more…

5-keys-qi-gongWant to Learn Tao Arts Like Tai Chi & Meditation,
or Ready to Get More Out of Your Practice?

Paul’s Five Keys course includes exercises that are so easy to learn and train you don’t have to be a genius in mind-body-qi to start feeling better, start healing your body from injury, and start working towards your personal goals now. Dedicated Tao arts practitioners will learn practical, systematic techniques to upgrade qi gong, tai chi and bagua forms. And teachers will glean insights into how to construct lessons. Learn more…

qi-gong-class-5Attend a Course in London, Germany or Spain
Paul offers a full curriculum in Islington, London, where his school is based, triannual seminars in Stuttgart, Germany, and seasonal and personal retreats in Andalucía, Spain. All of his courses are based on nei gong, ancient technology for working with qi-energy, and maintain traditional training methodologies. Beginners welcome! Find a course near you…

tao-journalThe Tao Journal
Inner Quest is a limited series of 15 journal issues that covers essential to advanced aspects of training the Water method with a focus on Taoist philosophy. Fellow bagua fanatics like Paul will find articles on both the monastic and bagua zhang traditions in 10 issues. You can review and instantly download journal series at a discount or individual issues as you like. Browse topics…

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Beginners – Paul recommends starting with Dragon & Tiger Medical Qi Gong in tandem with or before moving on to more complex exercises, such as tai chi. You’ll systematically learn how to feel and cultivate qi, boost energy levels, and shed tension in body and mind.
Find a course in London or Stuttgart, or a retreat in Andalucía, Spain.