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20-24 May 2018
Heaven & Earth Qi Gong: Unifying the Pulse (Part 1)

26-30 May 2018
Heaven & Earth Qi Gong: Unifying the Pulse (Part 2)

26-30 May 2018
Yang Style Tai Chi: Developing the Energies of Peng, Ji, Lu & An

2-11 September 2018
Dragon & Tiger Qi Gong: Level 3 Energetics
Latest post: How to Increase Mind-body Relaxation
In my last post, I offered exercises for opening your musculoskeletal frame in a coordinated fashion to create space in your body. As you begin to feel a sense of space, you want to transition your focus from your muscles to your nerves, which means backing off quite a bit from all extensions and stretches. How far? Well, that is a very individual matter. You’ll have to play with your range of motion, looking to stay within a comfortable stretch in your soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia) so as not to activate any resistance in your nerves. However, the range of motion that is comfortable for soft tissues is usually far greater than that of the nervous system. Learn a practice to let go of stress and tension >>

Creating Internal Space in Body & Mind
Many events in life close people down in some way or another, especially because, in this age of technology, time pressures and repetitive micro-tasks have become the norm. They can leave your body and mind feeling condensed, hard and tense, especially at the end of the day. Learning how to make space in your physical body is an excellent tool for reversing the cycle of compounding tension, so you can relax, empty your mind and become present to the here and now–where all healing takes place and the creative force thrives. Learn a practice to create space >>

Soft Tissue Therapy
healing-qi-gongIn the Water method, soft tissue therapy follows the same protocol whether you’re healing your own body through practice of qi gong or someone else’s through bodywork. For the body to shed tension and trauma once and for all, you must work in progressive stages towards the root of the issue(s), releasing bound layers from the outside to the inside, rather than going straight to the core of the problem. Continue >>

yang-style-tai-chiSung, Standing & the Spine
The Chinese term sung is often translated as “relaxed”, but a more accurate translation is “unbound”–a state in which the body loses all unnecessary bindings, all resistances, all tension. Continue >>
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