paul-cavel-of-londonLooking for strategies to relax, boost your state of health, achieve your goals, or enjoy a better quality of life?
Hi, I’m Paul Cavel, and since 1995 I’ve taught Tao energy arts to share ancient wisdom that has helped millions of people accomplish these goals and more. The system I teach is based on the pure teachings of the Taoist Water tradition, passed down by Lao Tzu and other lineage masters in an unbroken chain for more than two millennia. Read more…

5-keys-qi-gongReady to Learn Tao Arts Like Tai Chi & Meditation,
or Want to Get More Out of Your Practice?

My Five Keys programme includes exercises that are so easy to learn and train you don’t have to be a genius in mind-body-qi to start feeling better, start healing your body from injury, and start working towards your personal goals now. Dedicated Tao arts practitioners will learn practical, systematic techniques to upgrade qi gong, tai chi and bagua forms. And teachers will glean insights into how to construct lessons. Learn more…

qi-gong-class-5Attend a Course in London, Stuttgart or Andalucía
I’m based in North London, although you can find me teaching seasonal retreats in Andalucía, Spain and biannual seminars in Stuttgart, Germany. All of my programmes are derived from Taoist nei gong science, the study of energy flows, and seek to maintain pure, authentic and traditional training methodologies. Beginners are always welcome! Check out 2014-15 courses…

tao-journalThe Tao Journal
Inner Quest is a limited series of 15 journal issues that cover essential to advanced aspects of training Lao Tzu’s Water tradition of Taoism with a focus on Taoist meditation, as well as energy arts training and theory. Fellow bagua fanatics like myself will find coverage of various aspects of training both the monastic and bagua zhang traditions over 10 issues. You can review and instantly download the issue(s) of your choice or journal series at a discount. Browse issues…

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Beginners - I recommend starting with Dragon & Tiger Medical Qi Gong in tandem with or before moving on to more complex exercises, such as tai chi. You’ll systematically learn how to feel and cultivate qi, boost energy levels, and shed tension in body and mind.

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