Tai Chi Circling Hands:
Tai Chi for Beginners (Video)

I learned Tai Chi Circling Hands from my teacher, Wu and Yang Style Tai Chi Lineage Holder Bruce Frantzis. I designed this continuous set sequence to balance the body on both sides and work the circle from different planes of motion.

Click through to learn more about Tai Chi Circling Hands and to see a group video demonstration from my 2010 summer retreat in South France. (I teach regular tai chi courses in Islington, London N4).Many students practice with their “favourite” foot forward or only on a particular plane of motion. Often times, this plays to imbalances in the body, making the more dominant side stronger. This leaves the weaker side to become even weaker and even atrophy in extreme cases.

Chains often break at their weakest link, so be sure to balance both sides and never do on your dominant side what you cannot do on your weaker side. Instead, play to your weaker side’s capacity (range of motion, number of repetitions, length of time you practice, etc.) and you’ll watch your practice advance much faster.

Tai Chi Circling Hands: 2010 Summer Retreat | South France

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