Qi Gong, Tai Chi + Bagua Training: Balancing Exercises for Turning (Video)

Balancing Exercises: How-to Video Lesson 2

In this lesson, we continue balancing exercises by looking at turning in the internal energy arts. Turning is a component of most qi gong sets and all bagua and tai chi styles. So stabilising and equalising your turn (and weight shift into either leg) is a fundamental prerequisite to achieving a truly internal practice, as well as the benefits that come from it.

Many internal energy arts practitioners have greater flexibility and range of motion on one side of their body and they reinforce this imbalance by playing up movements on that side while playing down movements on the weaker side. The key is to adhere to the same range of motion restrictions on the dominant side of your body (left or right) as you would on the weaker side. Otherwise, you only strengthen the dominant side to the detriment of the weaker side and never really improve your overall practice. This is a fundamental training tenet of Chinese qi exercises.

In this lesson, I’ve got some balancing exercises to help you become aware of any imbalances and improve your overall flexibility and range of motion.

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