Qi Gong, Tai Chi + Bagua Training: Balancing Exercises for the Legs (Video)

Balancing Exercises: How-to Video Lesson 5

In the previous lessons, we’ve balanced the arms in symmetrical and asymmetrical postures, as well as while turning the body. Now we will look at balancing the legs.

The three primary points for balancing the legs are:

  • Keeping the pelvis level.
  • Maintaining an even stretch through both legs.
  • Not compressing the knees.

Start by aligning the knees, move up to leveling the pelvis and then sink the tailbone. Stretch the knees without allowing the body to go down in height. The spine must stay erect.

When you open up the joints of the knee, synovial fluid can then take your body’s weight and safely transfer it into the foot via the back of the knee. Knees are aligned and behind the line of your toes, which are also aligned.

Prevent Knee Injuries

Preventing knee injuries is paramount in all exercise, but even more important in energy arts training as the deep turning and twisting motions increase the intensity of any workout. So practice these exercises diligently and I always highly recommend attending a class with an experienced teacher who can check your alignments and ensure you have a good posture from the gound up.

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