Qi Gong, Tai Chi + Bagua Training: Balancing Exercises for the Legs, Part 2 (Video)

Balancing Exercises: How-to Video Lesson 6

Now that you’ve reviewed the basics of balancing the legs, let’s look at how to balance the legs while in a forward-weighted stance. Many practitioners find that when assuming tai chi or other postures where the front leg carries the bodyweight, the legs, especially the knees, become compressed.

You definitely don’t want to programme this position into your body memory because, over time, you will cause more harm than good. And you definitely want to avoid knee injuries at all costs!

So start by focusing on keeping your spine erect. Remember to keep your pelvis level and drop your tailbone.

When you’re ready, assume a stance where one leg is in front of the other. As you drop the tailbone, allow the back knee to face the ground. This will cause a light stretch in the tissues on that side of the body. Be sure not to let your pelvis tilt.

After a moment, sink slightly and thereby open the front knee and hip. The hip (into the kwa) turning out of the thigh bone creates a gentle stretch through the leg and prevents the compression of the front knee.

Assume your stance on the other side of your body. Notice how when you find the sweet spot, your blood and chi really start to circulate strongly. The opposite will happen if you’re off kilter.

Play with this balancing lesson and the one from last week in static postures for a couple of weeks. Then, once you can maintain a feeling of stability and relaxation in posture, apply what you have learned to your qi gong, tai chi or bagua training.

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