Qi Gong for Beginners:
Circling Hands Qi Gong (Video)

In Circling Hands, kwa exercises go deep into the body to create a powerful massage for the internal organs and further increase blood and fluid activation. In combination with the C-curve, kwa exercises generate strong hydraulic activity, so you can get a good workout while remaining extremely relaxed.

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Make gentle, smaller circles to help release your nerves, allowing the repetitive motion to help you chill out. Make larger circles to get a good tissue stretch and open your body from the inside out. Play the two together, smaller and larger circles, to get a nice nerve release while letting go of stuck energy and bound places in your body.

Watch or follow along to to my Circling Hands video for a great practice for deepening nei gong techniques and improving qi gong, tai chi and bagua training.

Learn more about Circling Hands + its parent exercise, Heaven + Earth Qi Gong…


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