Learn Gods Playing in the Clouds
Qi Gong (Video)

Watch me demonstrate Gods Playing in the Clouds Qi Gong (Level 2), a Five Element Qi Gong system originating from China four millennia ago.

Gods Playing in the Clouds Qi Gong is from Lao Tzu’s school in ancient China, offering a unique feature not found in other qi gong systems. Typically qigong sets are practised with the purpose of learning particular strands of nei gong, each with a distinct flavour, which can then be applied in deeper practices, e.g. bagua and tai chi.

However, Gods Qi Gong serves as a container for all 16 nei gong, where practitioners can unify the internal power grid into one coherent whole. A supreme Tao movement art, skillful Gods Qi Gong training can evolve energy arts into meditation practice.

Gods Qi Gong consists of seven exercises that combine the internal workings of all the other qi gong sets. Designed to cleanse and stabilise the central channel of energy, and strengthen the bones and bone marrow, higher-level Gods Qi Gong training energises the brain core and clears negative emotions from the body.

For the more skilled practitioners, you can add spherical pulsation and the Dissolving process to Gods Qi Gong for full effect.

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