Easy Breathing:
10-minute Guided Practice (Video)

This 10-minute guided breathing exercise was recorded on my 2011 Crete retreat. It’s an easy breathing practice, particularly good for beginners, that covers some of the primary points you want to focus on when you come to sit.

I’ve published loads of training tips on breathing techniques, which you can check out by selecting the “breathing” category from my blogroll in the right-hand sidebar of my homepage. However, I recommend following my six-part series that starts by teaching techniques to create a smooth, circular breath to release the nerves that culminates in techniques to create a spherical breath, where more dramatic health benefits can be achieved. Click here to read the first article on deep breathing in the series…


2 thoughts on “Easy Breathing:
10-minute Guided Practice (Video)

  1. Hi

    With lots of interest I’m “travelling” through your site and blogs. I’m doing so wit a special interest for breathiing. I am myself a meditator (the samatha and vipasanna buddhist kind) and started recently some Tao-courses (here in Antwerp) as a support I felt I was missing durng my practice of meditation.

    I was reading in your blog the 6-pack on deep breathing. At the end of each part you give us the link to the next one. This works perfectly, except that at the end of part 4 you do mention part 5 as the next one, but the link brings us to part 6.

    Because of my interest, this feels to me as “the missing link”; so I wonder if it is there somehow accesible to read.

    Thanks a lot!

    My very best greetings


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