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I am a senior Energy Arts tai chi teacher (Level 2) and have taught Wu style tai chi since 1996 with gratitude to and the encouragement of my teacher, Wu and Yang Style Tai Chi Lineage Holder Bruce Frantzis.

In my teacher’s 2011 Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form instructor training, he changed the count from 18 steps to 27 steps. For those in the know, you won’t see any significant changes to choreography except the normal range of variations, depeneding on whether you’re training for martial power, health, healing or meditation. Since most of my students train tai chi for health benefits, you’ll see I favour choreography options specifically geared towards this aspect.

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2 thoughts on “Watch My Latest
Wu Style Tai Chi Video

  1. Exquisitely executed form! The movements, both obvious and subtle not only have grace, but express the powerful unseen forces within the body. Among the Frantzis students who teach that I know personally, I have seen none who express the form with such meaning and elegance. Thank you for this valuable video. It has helped correct some of my short form missteps.
    Padre Raphael

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