Peaks + Plateaus of Long-term
Energy Exercise Training

Plateaus are Normal in All Forms of Exercise

The Benefits of Long-term, Tao Arts Exercise Training

As your energy develops through regular and progressively more accurate exercise training, your body becomes stronger, you can concentrate longer, you require less sleep, your libido grows and you can handle stressful situations better. These are among the normal benefits from energetic Tao movement exercises.

However, just like any exercise training programme, many suddenly find themselves hitting a plateau.

Uh-oh! What happened?

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Plateaus are Normal in Exercise Trainning Programmes

Plateaus are normal in any kind of exercise training programmes that are practised over time, but in energy development something more takes place. Due to the nature of Tao arts training, where you attempt to affect the intricate workings of the body (e.g., improving oxygenation of the cells or directly working with or slowing down the aging process), you must go deeper into the body to progress.

Regular modern exercise uses the muscles, which create referred pressures on your internal organs, arteries, veins, glands and nerves. All of this is good because it’s not your muscles that make you healthy, but rather all these other “goodies” inside you. You can live without a leg or an arm, but you can’t live without a heart, liver or at least one kidney. Therefore, when you directly target blood circulation or the efficiency of your internal organs to boost effectiveness, for example, your effort penetrates much deeper in Tao movement arts than in normal exercise.

As you become more efficient in your regular routine, you will eventually access deeper layers of internal (nei gong) content. For instance, you may gain more control over opening up major blood vessels or veins of your body that have been closed down for years. Maybe you open up a digestive valve, so it can release tension and function more optimally.

How to Boost Your Energy

At this stage, your energy goes into stabilising your body’s systems to create balance rather than increasing your energy per se. Once the body’s system are balanced and stabilised, then you will naturally produce and develop higher energies that allow you to store more qi. This abundance of energy will in turn help you to open, heal and regenerate deeper layers of bound qi within your body.

So even though you may have periods where you really don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere, in actuality it may be that you’re accessing progressively deeper layers of tension that weighs you down for a few days, weeks or even months—depending on factors like the energy bodies in play, how entangled any specific blockage may be and where in the physical body the blockage may be located. It’s a highly subjective experience with the “10,000” potential variables.

Don’t get discouraged. This is the time when you must keep practising. Don’t go for broke and push past your two-thirds of ability by trying to force progress to happen. The perceived plateau may be as simple as the mind’s desire to achieve more, more, more! If you slow down, apply the Tao Principle of Separate and Combine and wait patiently—only with the intent that you would like for something to happen—your better health will naturally unfold.

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