Overview of the Energy Arts System

Hi Everybody, I get a lot of questions about what to train and when, as well as how nei gong complements in-depth tai chi and bagua practice. So I’m sharing a 30-minute talk I gave on retreat in Crete last year that I hope will help you along your way.

The Energy Arts System was created by my teacher Taoist Master Bruce Frantzis after studying extensively in Asia. I’ve taught as a senior instructor in Bruce’s system since 2004.

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4 thoughts on “Overview of the Energy Arts System

  1. Paul, I found this explanation extremely interesting and informative. It is easy to see the engineer’s brain at work but incorporated in an intuitive, soft and holistic framework. Thank you so much for the unselfish sharing of a mammoth amount of training and self development. I only hope that I can begin to emulate your dedication in my own woefully inconsistent practice.

  2. Thank you for this explanation. I helped me to decide which practices I should focus on for the moment and which ones I still need to learn, so that in time I may be able to weave some of the threads together and be more whole.

  3. When I first read Bruce’s book ‘The power of internal energy arts’ I was totally unaware of where that would lead me. Until now it raised a lot of unanswered questions, these in your 30 minute presentation have, for the most part, just been answered. I am now keen to obtain instruction in this field, to perpetuate the valuable resources obtainable within it. Thank you.

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