Chasing Secrets + Shortcuts
in Taoist Energy Arts
(Audio Interview)

My colleague Dan Kleiman, founder of Qigong Radio, recently interviewed me on the how to get the most from Tao arts training. Dan has a great ability to make connections that help his students to evolve their practice, and I always find it interesting to sit down with him and see what he manages to stir up!

Enter your email below to receive my six-page report on how you can start creating positive change now: Dan Kleiman“When you set out to learn Taoist Energy Arts like Tai Chi, qigong, or meditation, you come across the lore of masters with supernatural abilities or techniques too deadly to teach openly. Or more insidious, we grasp after images of unattainable perfection, always slightly beyond reach, unless we just find the right technique or are initiated into a secret practice. And even if we’ve given up silly kung fu fantasies of flying through the bamboo reeds, on a subtle level we still chase ideas and dreams that only live in the mental realm. The reality – and I’m not trying to disappoint you, but stay with me because the reality is deeply rewarding, meaningful, and rich too – is that Taoist Energy Arts must be lived-through and practiced-through to be truly discovered. In this episode of Qigong Radio, Paul Cavel and I explore the disconnect you can sometimes feel in the day-to-day of your practice and the idea of where you ought to be in your practice – it’s not because you must be a chosen one or special to get it, but rather, because you can’t directly perceive or experience energy when you operate solely on the mental realm. We’ll give you some guidelines for how to recognize when you slip back into the mental realm of fantasy practice and talk about the struggles, as a student and as a teacher, of communicating your practice experience. Paul also shares specific neigong techniques that will keep you present, engaged, and help you cultivate a direct experience of your natural internal energy, that can be applied to any energy practice.”

–Dan Kleiman, Program Director of Brookline Tai Chi in Boston, and Energy Arts Qigong, Tai Chi + Bagua Instructor

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One thought on “Chasing Secrets + Shortcuts
in Taoist Energy Arts
(Audio Interview)

  1. Bravo! This discussion was very helpful for my own practice, my teaching, and my models and perception of both. It resonates with what I have seen in others and felt in myself. Very affirming of my natural inclination toward “how to” practice at the same time it challenges my (and, I think, most others’) concepts and upbringing/training regarding the linear rather than circular nature of “progress.” It always comes back to the fundamentals. Thank you.

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