Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body Qi Gong (Video)

Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body Qi Gong is a foundational, Water Element Qi Gong set (a part of the Energy Arts System). The five exercises that comprise the Energy Gates set help to connect the body into one integrated piece, making whole-body motion possible. While the Outer Dissolving technique stabilises the downward flow of energy and sets the foundation for more advanced meditation exercises, providing the ultimate safety net for training energy arts.

In this video, I’ll demonstrate the all five exercises of Energy Gates Qi Gong:

  • Standing qi gong and Outer Dissolving
  • Cloud Hands
  • The Three Swings

For beginners to qi gong and tai chi, I don’t recommend attempting the swings until you have sufficiently opened your hips from regular practice of Cloud Hands. If you are eager to learn the Swings, just learn the first one and leave the other two until you have a stable foundation in the first. Otherwise, you will simply downgrade potential health benefits and possibly injure yourself in the process.

I’m a Senior Energy Gates Instructor/Re-certifier (Level 2) and have been teaching Energy Gates throughout Europe since 1996. I teach students how to open the energy gates in regular courses in Islington, London–learn more about upcoming Energy Gates courses.

Or, find more in-depth information about Energy Gates Qi Gong…


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