Marriage of Heaven and Earth
Qi Gong (Video)

I often call the Marriage of Heaven and Earth Qi Gong “healing qi gong” because it’s so effective at healing joint injuries, especially to do with the neck, back, spine, shoulders and arms. Also, as pulsing techniques (i.e open-and-close nei gong) is traditionally taught in Heaven and Earth, this incredibly single-movement health system is quite remarkable at relaxing the nerves and helping students to let go.

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What Is the Correct Posture?
How to Find the Right Alignment
of the Body (Video)

Many people wonder, “What is the correct posture”? In this how-to video, I’ll show you how to find the right alignment of the body to prevent back and knee injuries, power up your energy arts practice (e.g. qi gong, tai chi and bagua) and maintain a healthy spine. By improving posture, you can not only protect your body from injury, but also generate more energy to support your overall health and well-being.

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Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body Qi Gong (Video)

Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body Qi Gong is a foundational, Water Element Qi Gong set (a part of the Energy Arts System). The five exercises that comprise the Energy Gates set help to connect the body into one integrated piece, making whole-body motion possible. While the Outer Dissolving technique stabilises the downward flow of energy and sets the foundation for more advanced meditation exercises, providing the ultimate safety net for training energy arts.

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Balancing Tao Meditation + Energy Arts to Supercharge Personal Development


tai_chiMost people naturally gravitate towards either movement or stillness practices. In the world of the Tao energy arts, movement practices include qi gong, bagua and tai chi, while Tao meditation arts practices include standing, sitting and yoga. Whether you move or basically hold some sort of static posture, you can develop incredible internal power for health, martial arts and meditation.

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Circle Walking to Develop
Qi Energy


Paul Cavel Walking the Circle + Performing Various Bagua Palm Changes

Walking the Circle Series: Lesson 2

In the previous lesson, I wrote about walking with a sung body. If you’ve been practising, you’ve probably realised the important role of your postural alignments at this stage of the game. Good posture is important regardless of the activity, but they’re especially noticeable when you try something new.

So in this lesson, I’ll offer you some training tips for improving your posture and upgrade the results you can achieve from Walking the Circle.

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