The Way of the Tao

Taoists Have Trained In Nature throughout the Ages

Human beings, with all our complexity and potential, have diversified, populated and thrived around the globe. Since the breakthroughs of the Industrial Revolution, we have spent 200 years becoming specialists in manipulating our environment and making radical changes to the way in which we experience the material world. The wonders that have resulted from man’s triumph over nature will only be surpassed by those of the Information Age, capable of producing yet more dramatic and astounding changes than witnessed in its infantile 30 years, such as the ability to decode the human genome and influence the genetics of various life forms—science that seeks to uncover the mysteries of our very existence.

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The Secret to Achieving Advanced Energy Arts Training

Exercises for a Healthy Mind + a Healthy Body

The cohesiveness, smoothness and optimal running of prototype and racing cars is a direct result of the level of detail paid to each and every one of the component pieces. Therefore, these fine-tuned machines are repeatedly taken apart and put back together not only to fix that which breaks down, but also to upgrade components and maximise overall performance. Your Tao movement arts practice and your body for that matter operate in much the same way as these superior vehicles.

However, when training qi gong, tai chi and bagua, the majority of students rarely, if ever, break down complete exercise sets or forms into their component pieces and rebuild them. If a racing team adopted this strategy, they wouldn’t win for long because it creates a glass ceiling and prevents the potential of the car from be realised. The same principle applies to training Tao movement arts.

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Bagua Zhang: Why Train This Old & Obscure Art?


Bagua Zhang Lineage Holder Bruce Frantzis with Senior Bagua Instructor Paul Cavel

Bagua & the I Ching–

Bagua (also pa kua and ba gua) is a pure energy art widely practised by those interested in the I Ching—having been derived as a physical manifestation to realise the teachings of the I Ching (Book of Changes). That is, bagua is an embodiment of the eight universal principles of change.

Today, many high performers also find bagua training a great way to get a total body workout and a powerful way to obliterate stress with advanced training tenets advocating rigorous aerobic internal exercise that releases tension from the body and develops your vital life-force energy.

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