Tai Chi for Beginners

Why Learn Tai Chi Circling Hands?

Paul CavelDemonstrates Easy Tai Chi Circling Hands

Tai Chi Circling Hands for Beginners

Tai Chi Circling Hands is an effective self-healing exercise system that refines and interwines various internal power generation techniques (known as nei gong) into one. Tai Chi Circling Hands offers most of the potential health and healing applications available in tai chi–without the complex choreography. The set is quick and easy to learn and forms the foundation of all bagua and tai chi practice, serving as a stepping stone to learning these more complex Tao movement arts.

Benefits of Tai Chi Circling Hands

Even if you do not already or hope to practise tai chi or bagua, Tai Chi Circling Hands can be a quick, stand-alone, 15-minute practice or can be integrated into any other exercise programme you train. You don’t have to invest a lot of time into learning complex choregraphy, so you can go straight to focusing on internal techniques–that which is responsibile for generating health benefits.

With its gentle, repetitive motion Tai Chi Circling Hands is practised to:

  • Open the vascular system and increase blood flow. Increased blood flow can relieve tension in the heart and thereby contribute to balancing blood pressure.
  • Improve balance and flexibility, particularly in the joints.
  • Release shoulder, neck and back pain.
  • Improve digestion.
  • Energise and revitalise the internal organ base.
  • Boost the sex drive and performance.

Tai Chi Circling Hands: Great for Computer Users

Tai Chi Circling Hands is particularly good for businesspeople—or anyone who spends a lot of time on the computer or working with technology. A little practice goes a long a way to release bound tension in the fingers, hands, arms, neck and shoulders—even when not done particularly well!

Tai Chi Circling Hands: Transferring Your Skill to Your Form

For anyone already practising bagua or tai chi, you can upgrade your form by using Tai Chi Circling Hands to deepen the nei gong (internal power) already present and integrate absent strands. These 16 components that generate the health benefits more commonly associated with bagua and tai chi training can then be transferred into your form. You don’t have to learn a new form or style, just practise a few simple yet effective exercises to increase the internal content of your current form dramatically.

Tai Chi Circling Hands: Turning, Twisting + Shifting Weight

Tai Chi Circling Hands uses turning, twisting and the weight shifting found in bagua and tai chi. Creating circles in both directions on three planes (horizontal, vertical and sagittal) fuses circularity—the foundational principle of all Tao movement arts—with deep internal content through 12 simple exercises.

The turning, twisting and weight shifting brings the legs alive, produces power and unifies the body while embedding core principles. These include:

  • Nothing moves before the spine;
  • Root the lower body to carry the upper body;
  • From posture to posture internal power is unbroken.

Tai Chi Circling Hands: Generate Qi for Health + Vitality

The circling action of the hands creates continuous motion and thereby the possibility of generating an incredible amount of qi-energy. The practitioner seeks to remove all stops, smoothing out the glitches in their body and tuning into the flow—this allows the qi to flow unimpeded.

Regular and repetitive practise of Tai Chi Circling Hands embodies the foundational motions for all bagua and tai chi leg, body and hand motions. So it makes the learning and refining of forms a much easier and obtainable process.

You can make your body soft, relaxed and strong while keeping the mind smooth and calm. These are the ingredients for creating excellent health and vitality.

Watch Me and My Students Demonstrate Tai Chi Circling Hands for Beginners

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  1. After 17 years of practicing Tai Chi, your simple movement on the circles principle will give beginners a real taste of the energy involved in the form. Excellent.

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