Cultivating the Way of Water

taoist-arts-trainingI offer live courses, one-to-one coaching and learning aids, including this online resource centre, for anyone interested in growing their understanding of or personal development in Water method health, healing and meditation arts–regardless of your current state of health, previous training experience, or reasons for studying.

Cultivating the “way of water” is about learning methods for yielding and blending with the one constant of life: change. Through the process, you systematically learn, adjust and refine mind-body exercises to revitalise and energise your being, as people have done since ancient times to heal from illness, become incredibly healthy and develop the deeper, more subtle aspects of the Mind.

I personally discovered how powerfully healing Water method practices can be after sustaining serious injuries from a motorcycle accident in the 1980s. My own healing journey led me to a passion for helping people gain insight into how to cultivate their mind, body and qi-energy in ways that are effective and efficient, yet safe and sustainable. My aim is to provide you with the most in-depth, quality live training available, as well as educational tools to support your ongoing practice to achieve anything in life you deem worth pursuing–whether in your business, sport, hobby or life in general.

The level of material Paul teaches is really well-gauged
to the people being taught.
—Pete McLeod, Founder, Speech Link Multimedia

Core Curriculum: Medical Qi Gong & Tai Chi

I recommend all students train medical qi gong to systematically learn how to feel and cultivate qi, boost energy levels, and shed tension in body and mind.

Deepen your training with supporting programmes as it suits you:

Teaching included levels of depth-physical, energetic, spiritual. Expansive!
—Julie Weston, Radiographer + Acupuncturist, Liverpool

I Invite You to Train with Me

tao-qi-gong-retreatI personally invite you to attend a qi gong seminar with me as the most cost and time efficient way to assess whether my programme and teaching style is right for you. You will never be under any obligation to book multiple sessions or meet any minimum required training hours.

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In every course I offer:

  • A beginners’ track for new or less experienced students.
  • A thorough explanation of the theory that underpins training techniques.
  • A complete exercise or set of exercises you can train and develop after the course.
  • Personal feedback and/or hands-on corrections.
  • Opportunities to ask me questions.

I freely share advanced material for those students/clients who have the ability and understanding to take it onboard, and I’m committed to leading dedicated Tao arts students as far as they are willing/able to go into deeper aspects of training.

I particularly like Paul’s clarity of explanation and depth of knowledge/understanding.
—Mir Ali, Acupuncturist + Lifelong Martial Artist, Bedfordshire

Get Started Now!

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Keep your practice alive and well, and it’ll do the same for you!

Paul Cavel, Founder
The Tai Chi Space London
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