Five Element Qi Gong:
The Earth Element

Bridging Nei Gong + Meditation

Gods Qi Gong

Paul Cavel Training Gods Playing in the Clouds Qi Gong

Earth Element practices are all about integration—specifically integrating the Water, Fire, Wood and Metal Element practices. As the container of all nei gong techniques, Earth practices can either be the starting or ending point of your first cycle through the nei gong system, so beginners and advanced practitioners alike will find them beneficial. In our system the spherical, pulsating flow of energy is activated within the energy of Earth, intertwining and balancing the entire mind-body-energy matrix.

Gods Playing in the Clouds Qi Gong

Gods Playing in the Clouds Qi Gong was considered within Lao Tzu’s school of the Taoist Water tradition to be the highest form of qi gong possible. In Gods Qi Gong, you can combine all 16 nei gong into one coherent whole, making it possible to bridge the gap between neigong and Taoist meditation.

This highly sophisticated qi gong system is the oldest and one of the most powerful of the ancient Chinese rejuvenation techniques in existence, allowing even the most experienced practitioners to refine their abilities, thereby maximising energy control and development.

Gods Qi Gong consists of a set of seven exercises that combines the internal workings of all the other qigong sets. Designed to cleanse and stabilise the central channel of energy, and strengthen the bones and bone marrow, the idea is to energise the brain core and clear negative emotions from the body.

All energetic exercises of other qigong systems are utilised as well as adding spherical pulsation and the Inner Dissolving technique.

Gods Qigong Level 2 Instructor + Re-certifier

I hold a Gods Playing in the Clouds Qi Gong Level 2 certification, granted by my teacher, Taoist Master Bruce Frantzis. I’m also an Energy Arts recertifier for instructors holding Level 1 certifications. Contact my team to schedule Gods Qigong recertification testing.

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