Dragon and Tiger Medical Qi Gong

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Paul Cavel + Students Practise Dragon + Tiger Medical Qi Gong

Paul Cavel and His Students Practising Dragon and Tiger Medical Qi Gong

Many students find it difficult to feel their life-force energy (known as “qi” in the East). Medical qi gong is particularly recommended in this case as an easier, more superficial form to Five Element Qi Gong practices that can systematically and progressively teach students methods for feeling their life-force energy, and stirring up and releasing stagnant qi–that which causes blockages in the mind, body and qi.

Medical qi gong theory is modelled after that of acupuncture: whereas acupuncturists make use of needles to stimulate specific meridians, medical qi gong practitioners use their hands to stimulate groups of meridians to balance qi. Individual pairs of energy lines in the body can be opened and cleared while physically stretching open the fascia, joints, ligaments and tendons. The purpose is to clear the physical and energetic bodies of unwanted blockages, enabling relaxation and improved bodily functions.

In time and with practice, the heightened awareness of energy can easily be transferred to more sophisticated Water, Wood and Earth Element qi gong systems, generating a different quality of motion as students begin to engage their body, mind and qi on more profound levels.

After training medical qi gong for some time and stabilising its physical and energetic principles, the natural training progression is to advance to Heaven and Earth Qi Gong, which opens up the spine and internal organs. Then, upon returning to medical qi gong, the etheric field is stronger, fuller and more tangible (due to increased spine and organ activity). All of it serves to help students pull and push more energy through their system with the purpose of achieving a deeper level of relaxation and releases of bound or stagnant qi.

Learn Dragon and Tiger Medical Qi Gong

Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong originates from China and has been practised for 1,500 years by millions of people to tune into and learn to manipulate the etheric energy with the hands during movement. This medical qi gong system has seven movements, which take a little bit of effort to learn, but even when executed poorly, they can have a powerful impact on your ability to feel qi.

Dragon and Tiger Qigong, Exercise 1: Medical Qi Gong for Beginners

Known as “Dragon + Tiger Meet,” the first movement from the Dragona and Tiger Medical Qi Gong system is designed to stir up stagnant qi, so that it can be neutralised, and to teach students how to push and pull chi. As these principles are fundamental to all Taoist movement arts, Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong Exercise 1 is a five core exercises in my programme.

Since the hand movements specifically trace the energetic pathways of the lungs and liver, Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong Exercise 1 can also be practised to revitalise these internal organs. The relaxed, rising and falling hand motions also serve a more general purpose: to balance the upwards and downwards flows of energy in the body for health and healing benefits.

Dragon and Tiger Qigong Level 3 Instructor + Re-certifier

I hold a Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong Level 3 certification, granted by my teacher, Taoist Master Bruce Frantzis, who learned Dragon and Tiger in China and introduced it to the West. I’m also an Energy Arts recertifier for instructors holding Level 1 and Level 2 certifications. Contact my team to schedule Dragon and Tiger recertification testing.

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