What Is Nei Gong?

17-paul_cavelFoundational Energy Arts Training

All theory and practical training in the Water method is based on nei gong, the science of energy flows, which dictates that there are 16 components responsible for generating internal power for health, healing, martial arts and meditation. Each multi-layered energy exercise represents cosmic potential for eliciting positive transformations in body, mind and qi-energy.

Accordingly, nei gong is taught through Tao arts in progressive stages over time.

Nei gong are practised as slow-motion, gentle and repetitive movement sequences that, once embodied, can be integrated into more complex:

  • Five Element qi gong sets
  • Tai chi forms
  • Bagua Circle Walking and palm changes
  • Taoist yoga
  • Sitting meditation practices

The 16 Nei Gong

We train practical and progressive techniques to develop skill and ability in nei gong:*

  1. Breathing methods, from simple to complex, taking many years to develop properly.
  2. Developing the ability to feel, move, transform and transmute internal energies along the descending, ascending and connecting energy channels of your body.
  3. Adhering to and maintaining ever-more precise body alignments to prevent the flow of energy from being blocked or dissipated; practising these principles yields exceptional and refined biomechanical alignments.
  4. Dissolving blockages in the physical, energetic, emotional and mental aspects of yourself to strengthen and develop your mind-body-energy matrix.
  5. Moving energy through the main and secondary meridian channels of your body, including the energy gates.
  6. Bending and stretching your body’s soft tissues (including the muscles, tendons ligaments and fascia) and from the inside out and the outside in, along the direction of the yin and yang acupuncture meridian lines.
  7. Opening and closing all parts of your physical body (joints, muscles, soft tissues, internal organs, glands, blood vessels, cerebrospinal system and brain), as well as all aspects of your body’s subtle energy anatomy.
  8. Manipulating the energy of the external aura outside your body.
  9. Making circles and spirals of energy inside your body, controlling the spiraling energy currents of your body, and moving energy to any part of your body at will, especially to the glands, brain and internal organs.
  10. Absorbing energy into and projecting energy away from any part of your body.
  11. Controlling all the energies of your spine.
  12. Gaining control of the left and right energy channels of your body.
  13. Gaining control of the central energy channel of your body.
  14. Learning to develop the capabilities and all the uses of your body’s lower tantien.
  15. Learning to develop the capabilities and all the uses of your body’s upper and middle tantiens.
  16. Connecting every part of your physical and other energetic bodies into one, unified energy.

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* The list of 16 nei gong energy exercises has been paraphrased from The Power of Internal Martial Arts and Chi book with permission granted by my teacher Bruce Frantzis.