Tao Arts & Tai Chi Retreats
Andalusia, Spain

Tao Arts + Tai Chi Retreats in Spain

Health, Healing & Meditation Arts Retreats in Spain

We invite new & existing students to join us:

20-31 May 2018
Heaven & Earth Qi Gong:
Unifying the Pulse
5-day or 11-day retreat option

26-31 May 2018
Yang Style Tai Chi: Developing the Energies of Peng, Ji, Lu & An
Learn/Deepen the 1st Section of the Long Form

2-11 September 2018
Dragon & Tiger Medical Qi Gong:
Level 3 Energetics

New students will learn the 7-movement set and essential energetics

Paul’s retreats are designed to offer a beginning “fundamentals” & more advanced “nei gong” level of training, so new & existing students are always welcome!

The “White Village” of Gaucín
The picturesque mountain village of Gaucín is nestled 600 metres above sea level in beautiful Andalucía. Marked by a 12th century Moorish castle with sunny days and breathtaking views towards the Mediterranean Sea, Spanish Sierra Nevada, Gibraltar and the Rif Mountains of North Africa, visitors will enjoy a perfect blend of local flavour and historic attractions in an awe-inspiring natural setting.





Retreat Venue
La Posada Romana is a private estate and finca 2 km from the White Village of Gaucín. Set amongst 7 acres of national parkland with mature trees and some of the most stunning views to be had from atop the mountain, it’s the natural and nurturing home of our seasonal retreats.

We offer onsite accommodation at La Posada Romana and carefully selected recommended links to book village accommodation directly with owners/agents.
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Paul highly recommends staying onsite for retreats whenever possible. For personal retreats or those who prefer the village scene, be sure to book accommodation in Gaucín–unless you plan to hire a car and don’t mind driving on the mountain roads for training sessions. It is not necessary to hire a car as apartments, houses, hotels, markets, restaurants, class-time shuttle stops and local attractions are all within a 5-15 minute walk of one another in the village itself.

el-hacho-paul-cavelFree Shuttle Service for Travel between the Finca & Village
If you prefer to stay offsite in the village during retreats, we offer a free shuttle service to/from the finca for training sessions. The ride down is only 2 km and the meeting place is the corner just beyond Hotel La Fructosa, which is centrally located in the village. Download a map of Gaucin, which marks the shuttle stop.

Onsite guests: A free shuttle service is available at lunchtime for those who would like to dine out, shop or sightsee in the village. See individual retreat webpages for the village shuttle schedule.

All village markets are closed for the daily siesta (14:00-17:00) and on Sundays. Most resturants are open near daily, stay open for lunch until 15:00 and open for dinner at 20:00.

Tourism & Local Attractions

Weather on the Mountain
Throughout the year, Gaucín often benefits from a cool evening breeze. Average temperatures in Celsius/Fahrenheit:

  • January -16 / 61 degrees
  • February – 18 / 65 degrees
  • March – 20 / 68 degrees
  • April – 22 / 72 degrees
  • May – 25 / 77 degrees
  • June – 29 / 84 degrees
  • July & August – 33 / 91 degrees
  • September – 30 / 86 degrees
  • October – 25 / 77 degrees
  • November – 20 / 68 degrees
  • December – 17 / 63 degrees

One thought on “Tao Arts & Tai Chi Retreats
Andalusia, Spain

  1. Another amazing week of detailed and yet accessible teaching. From the very basics for absolute beginners, building through the various layers of internal content (cavities, kwa, joints, breathing, etc, etc) allowing people of all capabilities to develop and absorb all they can. Also taking students with more experience in these arts to another level, deepening the existing content and spring boarding off into the energetics, also made accessible through Pauls expert guidance. This dovetailed superbly on the Spring Retreat (Marriage of Heaven and Earth) and set the perfect foundation for the Bagua intensive at the end. A superbly designed course that has left wanting more…cannot wait for this autumn term in London nor next year’s retreats :0)

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