Deep Breathing Techniques:
Engaging + Balancing the Sphere


Breathing Techniques for a Healthy Body + a Healthy Mind

Deep Breathing Techniques,
Lesson 5 of 6

Over the last four articles, we’ve deconstructed deep breathing techniques to activate various parts of the body. If you’ve been practising, it’s now time to integrate everything into one whole, spherical breath for the most effective and powerful potential health benefits.

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Guided Breathing Practice:
Breathe into Your Kidneys (Video)

In this how-to video, I’ll show you techniques for deep breathing into your kidneys. In Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are regarded as the door to your life-force energy. If you feel tired or depleted, a few minutes of kidney breathing can be revitalising, and help you clear any stagnant or blocked qi.

Learn in-depth training techniques for deep breathing into the kidneys…

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