Bagua Circle Walking Techniques for Health + Fitness (Video)

To elaborate on yesterday’s post on the Bagua Circle Walking methodology, I’ve got more on how to really get your blood (along with lymph, interstitial, synovial and cerebrospinal fluids) to circulate strongly. Since the fluids are responsible for delivering nutrients to and removing waste byproducts from the body, boosting their circulation is one of the key ways that the Tao energy arts like bagua, tai chi and hsing-i foster incredible health from the inside out.

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Bagua Circle Walking:
How to Create a Concertina (Video)

Bagua is first and foremost about the feet and legs, so any good training starts with learning and developing Circle Walking stepping techniques. In the monastic bagua tradition that I teach (for health, fitness, stress relief and meditation), there are two kinds of stepping:

  • Heel-toe walking
  • Traditional mud walking

Regardless of which type you choose, you don’t want to bob up and down like you’re on a boat at sea.

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Circle Walking Fast, while Remaining Sung


Paul Cavel Circle Walking, Crete Retreat 2007

Walking the Circle Series: Lesson 4

Most internal energy arts practices are non-aerobic exercise. They can make you healthy, but you won’t get the aerobic workout you would from many Western exercise programmes. Walking fast—using the techniques I’ve been describing for the last three months—combines internal qi energy generation with aerobic exercise to upgrade your body’s systems and make you super fit!

So I’ve got some a three-stage exercise for you to help you develop your ability to Walk the Circle at high speeds for health and fitness.

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Circle Walking to Supercharge
Qi Energy


Walking Is One of The Best Forms of Exercise on the Planet

Walking the Circle Series: Lesson 3

In the last two articles, I’ve written about releasing the nerves, creating a sung body and deepening the internals of your circle walk. Now it’s time to walk in a circle to supercharge your qi energy.

The Enemy of the Internal Arts

Circle Walking, whether heel-toe or mud walking, will give you a method for exercising continuously without interruption. This reduces inertia—the enemy of the internal arts if ever there was one.

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Circle Walking to Reduce
Stress + Tension


Circle Walking Reduces Stress + Tension

Walking the Circle Series: Lesson 1

Anyone who is dedicated to internal energy arts training is always looking for ways to get in a little extra practice in a day. Addicts like myself look for ways to practice in their normal activities—imbuing them with internal content. Normal, heel-toe walking is one of my favourites!
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