Deep Breathing Techniques:
The Diaphragm Is the Engine


Diaphragm Breathing Techniques are at the Heart of Health + Well-being

Deep Breathing Techniques,
Lesson 2 of 6

Breathing well can positively impact your health and well-being more than any other single exercise. However, there are many misconceptions about breathing–most of which start with the belief that the lungs are responsible for oxygenating the body. In actuality, the diaphragm is the engine of the breathing cycle.

In this article, we’ll consider how we can enhance breathing through techniques that target the diaphragm. Once you have some practice, you can then move on to the following three articles that will further help you develop a whole-body, deep breathing for a healthy body and a healthy mind.

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Guided Breathing Practice:
Breathe into Your Kidneys (Video)

In this how-to video, I’ll show you techniques for deep breathing into your kidneys. In Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are regarded as the door to your life-force energy. If you feel tired or depleted, a few minutes of kidney breathing can be revitalising, and help you clear any stagnant or blocked qi.

Learn in-depth training techniques for deep breathing into the kidneys…

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Breathing Is the Master:
How to Boost Results
of Physical Exercise


Paul Cavel in the Hug-a-Tree Qi Gong Posture

I’ve written a lot about deep breathing techniques and offered several guided breathing practice sessions because we do it all day, every day. Learning how to breathe well therefore gives you the power to shift your state of mind and reinvigorate your body’s systems whenever you choose.

However, breathing well can go far beyond a little relaxation and peace of mind, and take health and well-being to the next level by boosting the results of any exercise programme. Starting with a few minutes of rhythmic, smooth and measured breathing can warm up the body and oxygenate the cells that comprise your muscles. While ending an exercise session by bringing your focus back to deep breathing can help you cool down and transit into your daily activities with a calm state of mind. Maintaining deep, diaphragm breathing throughout exercise helps generate relaxed power and stamina.

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