Direct + Indirect Qi Flow:
Is One More Powerful?


Moving Qi in the Body and Dragon & Tiger Medical Qi Gong

There are two methods of moving qi energy in the body: direct and indirect. Indirect movement of qi is what occurs in practice of Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong when the hand makes contact with the etheric field, which causes an energetic jump in the wei qi (found just under the skin).

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Dragon and Tiger
Medical Qi Gong (Video)

Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong: Level 3 Energetics

I’m certified by my teacher, Taoist Master Bruce Frantzis, to teach Dragon and Tiger
Qi Gong Level 3 Energetics. In 1985, Bruce learned Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong from
Zhang Jia Hua, a doctor of Chinese medicine and the former Vice President of the
All China Qi Gong Association.

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