How Much Energy Arts Practice
Is Appropriate for a Beginner?


Paul Cavel Adjusts a Student’s Bagua Form

The question of how long to train Tao meditation and energy arts is one of the most frequestly asked questions.

I advise all students, but especially beginners to qi gong, tai chi, bagua or meditation, to mind their two-thirds of effort in mind-body-qi, and save 45-minute to hour-long practices for many months (or even years) down the line, once they have a solid foundation in nei gong. Otherwise, you may injure yourself or build up too much internal resistance and stop practising.

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Energy Exercises to Contact
Your Subtle Energy Anatomy


Simple Energy Exercises Can Make You Strong + Healthy

(Part 2 of 2, see Part 1)

Re-educating Your Body

The first step to living pain-free or improving your health is re-educating your body about how to move and perform even minor daily tasks, such as typing on a keyboard. In fact, most people have never received health or physical education that includes information about correct and sustainable body alignments and movements.

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Got Qi? Three Easy Steps
to Get More Energy

Standing Qi Gong atop Montsegur

Why Cultivate Qi?

Qi is life-force energy, which is developed through nei gong exercises like qi gong, tai chi and bagua. The ancient Chinese believed that the more qi you have, the healthier and more content can you be.

You can begin your Tao movement arts practice with good intentions, stay present while opening and nourishing your body, generate a lot of qi, but then throw most of the benefits away simply by finishing badly.

I’ve got three easy steps to help you bank the qi you generate in your practice, so you have more energy for living your life.

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