Deep Breathing Techniques:
Spherical Breathing In Motion–
the Ultimate Mind-Body Exercise

Spherical Breathing in Tao Movement Arts Develops Awareness + a Healthy Body

Deep Breathing Techniques,
Lesson 6 of 6

Now that we have built up to deep, spherical breathing over the last five lessons, it’s now time to apply your skill while in motion (see the first blog in my deep breathing series to study the progression).

Many people who practice Tao movement arts, such qi gong, tai chi or bagua, focus only on what is directly in front of them, up-down or left-right because these directions are in their field of vision. Most people do not turn their consciousness to what is behind them. This is a speciality of Earth Element Qi Gong (Gods Playing in the Clouds in the Energy Arts System) and bagua because each art develops the ability to create spherical movement. Although once you develop spherical awareness, you can apply it any exercise, such as qi gong, tai chi and Taoist yoga.

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