Danger, Juggler Ahead! Making Your Way in Taoist Meditation


Taoist Meditation for a Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body

The 16 nei gong create the structure, content and principles that guide all Tao meditation and energy arts, forming the science of how the body, mind and qi can be developed and integrated to their full potential. Taoists used meditation practices over thousands of years to go inside themselves and discover what was there.

Through this long history of practice and direct perception, they developed the nei gong system as a method for cleansing the human physical and energetic bodies. The process entails removing all blocks, kinks, knots and reconnecting any breaks or holes within the human energetic matrix. Therefore, we do not create a nei gong weave but, in essence, are a nei gong weave. Taoist practices are about repairing and developing that which exists naturally within us.

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