Tai Chi: Art of Softness


Paul Cavel Teaches Tai Chi in Islington, London

Tai chi is a yin art, which is why it often gets disregarded as useless or only being good for the elderly and young girls. But in fact, the soft nature of tai chi is exactly why it is so effective as a means for developing qi power—whether for health, healing, meditation or martial prowess.

First and foremost, exercise done in a soft way can prevent you from embedding existing, superficial tension deeper within the body. Tai chi is a superior exercise system for releasing the nerves, which in turn releases all soft tissues. This process allows the body to unfurl effortlessly and further paves the way for amplified blood and chi circulation through unbroken motion. Practise daily and you have a concrete means for manifesting real health benefits, but tai chi’s magic doesn’t stop there!

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Guided Practice to Reduce Stress
+ Increase Relaxation (Video)

Tai Chi’s soft, yielding nature makes it an ideal exercise for letting go of stress and tension in body, mind and qi. In this how-to video, I’ll take you through a guided practice session using Tai Chi’s Beginning Form to help you release your nerves, reduce stress and increase relaxations.

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