Bagua Circle Walking:
How to Create a Concertina (Video)

Bagua is first and foremost about the feet and legs, so any good training starts with learning and developing Circle Walking stepping techniques. In the monastic bagua tradition that I teach (for health, fitness, stress relief and meditation), there are two kinds of stepping:

  • Heel-toe walking
  • Traditional mud walking

Regardless of which type you choose, you don’t want to bob up and down like you’re on a boat at sea.

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Bagua Training: Balancing Exercises for Asymmetrical Postures (Video)

Balancing Exercises: How-to Video Lesson 4

In the last lesson, we looked at balancing exercises for non-symmetrical movement in tai chi. Now we’ll apply the same principles to asymmetrical bagua postures with the goal of equalising the body’s halves, creating even stretches and maintaining the left-right balance. Continue reading